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    Last night I decided that its time to restore desktop back to factory, shut it down to start setup, come up with a message: "Imminent hard drive failure, back up files and replace hard drive!" just before this project I had backed up all my photos, scanned slides, converted 8MM video, which of all could not be replaced, or at the best, alot of work to re-create, It pays off to backup!

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    Don't I know it. I just had my laptop hard drive crash. No photos on there, so I didn't put much effort into backing it up. Unfortunately, there ended up being a bunch of documents I really needed... $2500 later, I got them back.


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    Smart to back up. I've learned to back up the hard way. And use Carbonite too.
    Always smart to do it often.
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    Still no Hard Drive, Fed-ex not find us and forgot to put in phone numbers on the order, Addresses here tend to get confusing. I paid $26.00 for overnight, past that, I suppose I could get refund for fail to deliver, I will be happy when I get the hard drive and software anyway, Had to order another Windows 7, made backups on CD's, in remodeling and stuff ending up in the garage..might find the disks this winter..

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    Up and running!


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