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  1. climbbike

    A few Seattle Photos

    I've been trying to get out to get some nice Sunset shots of Seattle but as luck would have it, the first time I can get off work early, it's all cloudy. I did the best with what I had :) This is a large pano. The full sized image is here.
  2. Color Bands

    Color Bands

    Sunset as seen through the trees at Golden Gardens, Seattle WA
  3. SlickPixPhotography

    Seattle at Night

    I was out and about tonight photographing places around Seattle. The first few images are taken from Kerry Park on Queen Anne. The others are taken down on the Elliott Bay Marina near Palisade Restaurant. All of these photos were shot with a Canon 7D with a 18-145mm IS Lens on Bulb Mode at F/8...
  4. Seattle Conservatory

    Seattle Conservatory

    Seattle Conservatory Botanical Gardens,Victorian Greenhouse,modeled after Londons Crystal Palace,completed in 1912,with 3,426 glass panels.
  5. Deep blue

    Deep blue

  6. Space Needle

    Space Needle

  7. Seattle Skyline

    Seattle Skyline

  8. Looking Down

    Looking Down

  9. On the Lake

    On the Lake

  10. The Market at Dusk

    The Market at Dusk

    Pike Place Market
  11. Seagull and french fry

    Seagull and french fry

  12. Pioneer Station

    Pioneer Station

  13. Seattle public library

    Seattle public library

  14. Music Project Study

    Music Project Study

  15. Seattle


    Seattle monorail
  16. My Sister Walking Up Stairs

    My Sister Walking Up Stairs

    at the Seattle museum of Glass- unedited by the way
  17. Glass Museum Dome

    Glass Museum Dome

  18. Seattle Aquarium Fountain

    Seattle Aquarium Fountain

    Olympus E-300, f-11, 1/640th
  19. repeat


    pike place
  20. movietime


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