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  1. L.L. Heim.

    Testing Our New Canon 16-35 EF Lens

    I went out today to try our new lens on my Canon 5D Mark II. (Actually it's my husband's lens, but such a waste on his APS-C sensor!) I thought the fog matched the moody feel of the cemetery.
  2. Acon Blue

    Acon Blue

    An Acon lupine blue butterfly in the mountain forests of Eastern Washington.
  3. Misty Stilly

    Misty Stilly

    The Stillaguamish River as it flows through Arlington, Washington on a misty spring morning.
  4. Shadows


  5. Another Beautiful Sunset

    Another Beautiful Sunset

  6. Day 2 of Barning

    Day 2 of Barning

  7. Day 2 of Barning

    Day 2 of Barning

  8. Last Shot of the Day

    Last Shot of the Day

    Another barn in my series: Barns: 365/2011
  9. January 1, 2011

    January 1, 2011

    one of the barns in my 2001 series of: Barns: 365/2011
  10. Landscapes


    I had to get out of my car in the middle of a very narrow road to shoot this.
  11. Landscapes


    Along the road to Elk River
  12. Snow Barn

    Snow Barn

    Saw this view along the way to Elk River from Spokane Valley
  13. Bench in the Shadows

    Bench in the Shadows

  14. Old and New

    Old and New

    The new growth and the old dead snags from the blast of the eruption of St Helens.
  15. Red Barn

    Red Barn

    Taken in Ladd Canyon east of La Grande, OR.
  16. Historic Military Cemetery - Boise

    Historic Military Cemetery - Boise

  17. Drift Creek

    Drift Creek

    Taken at a youth camp in the Coast Range of Oregon. Drift Creek flows into Siletz Bay just south of Lincoln City.
  18. New Snow

    New Snow

    A new snow left this mountain face, and the many trees that adorn it, decorated in white.
  19. New Snow

    New Snow

  20. Fall colors after sunset

    Fall colors after sunset

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