Birds of Plain Washington, Memorial Day Weekend 2018

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Terry O

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My wife and I spent four days on the shores of the Wenatchee River near Plain, Washington (West of Leavenworth). Nothing too spectacular, but we did
have lots of Evening Grosbeaks, a few Spotted Sandpipers, and a few White-headed Woodpeckers. Lighting was tough, to say the least - Sunshine is not
my friend, when it comes to bird photography :( All images were made using a Canon 5D Mark III and either a Canon 400mm f5.6L or 500mm f4L.
5-26-2018 evening grosbeak pair plain_6029.JPG
5-26-5018 m grosbeak plain_6100.JPG
5-27-2018 fm evening grosbeak plain_6302.JPG
5-28-2018 evening grosbeak plain_6581.JPG
5-28-2018 f evening grosbeak plain_6502.JPG
5-28-2018 fm evening grosbeak plain_6500.JPG
5-28-2018 m evening grosbeak plain_6573.JPG
5-28-2018 m evening grosbeak plain_6574.JPG
5-28-2018 m evening grosbeak plain_6586.JPG

Terry O

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Here are a few more - including the White-headed Woodpecker, Red-naped Sapsucker, Swallow-tail butterfly (sort of a bird :) ) and Purple Finch.

A great birding weekend.

5-26-2018  swallowtail and lilac plain_6053.JPG
5-26-2018  swallowtail and lilac plain_6081.JPG
5-26-2018  swallowtail and lilac plain_6179.JPG
5-26-2018 red-naped sapsucker  plain_6140.JPG
5-26-2018 spotted sandpiper wenatchee river_6205.JPG
5-27-2018 Stellers Jay plain_6370.JPG
5-27-2018 white-headed woodpecker plain _6424.JPG
5-28-2018 fm white-headed woodpecker plain_6517.JPG
5-28-2018 m white-headed woodpecker_6430.JPG
5-28-2018 purple finch plain_6602.JPG

Terry O

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Thanks very much, Bob. Its been a while since I have spent some quality time trying to get a few photos. :)
Hopefully, I'll be posting a bit more often!

Terry O

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Thanks, Bill. Yes Much closer - and it was treat to be able to set up the 500 and tripod and just wait for opportunities.

BTW, here's one I didn't post - not a great shot, but amazing of a Common Merganser and her 19 chicks floating down the river. Two of them are on her back. I was barely able to capture it by grabbing my 400 just in the nick of time. I understand they nest in hollows high in pine trees and, like the wood ducks, jump out, I assume all at once and leave the nest.


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