Portland at Night

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I had an opportunity to do some night shooting on the Portland waterfront Friday night. It was a chance to practice/improve my long exposure technique and try my hand at light painting. Here are some of the results. C&C encouraged!

'Tis the season to be Marri---ott



Mike, I like the first, fourth, and fifth shots really well, but I feel more cropping is needed on the fourth shot. The other two have too much extra background light. Maybe if the backgrounds were darker the colors of the lights would pop more.
Jan, thanks for the feedback. I modified the first one slightly to lighten up the foreground, bringing out more detail in the boats.

I'm not so happy with the light painting shots I tried. It will take a lot more practice, I think.

Plus here are a couple of additional shots from that shoot.
Portland-5.jpg Portland-6.jpg Portland-7.jpg
Mike, I like the lightened up version of the first shot. I nearly missed the boats the first time I looked at the picture. I think it's a great addition to the foreground.


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Christine, (and anyone else that would like to meet up), I am going downtown Centralia on Saturday night for some shooting. The window displays in all the antique shops are calling my name along with all the neon of the taverns and other downtown businesses on Tower Street. I really don't like to do the night stuff alone, so would you like to join me? I am thinking early dark, like around sundown at about 5:00pm for a couple of hours. That should be good for twilight and night shots. Hopefully the theater and all the murals will be lit as well.

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