San Juan Foxes 2019

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In June I led a couple of short photo trips to the San Juan Islands, where we photographed the resident red foxes (along with some other wildlife). It was incredibly fruitful, and in five days I ended up taking more photos than I've taken on any other trip other than Tanzania this year.

The tours coincide with the late denning season, when the fox kits are just old enough to roam about, exploring away from the den, while still relying on adults to bring them food. There was so much playful interaction among the kits, but we also witnessed other interesting behavior, including begging (and even fighting) for food, and on a couple occasions Bald Eagles would swoop in to try and steal food from the kits.

You can see the full fox gallery in my website's stock archive here. I've added a few extra wildlife images to my ongoing PNW 2019 gallery as well.

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