Some Victoria BC shots

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Tony S

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The alst bunch of BC photos reminded be of a trip we took up there and that I hadn't shown any of these photos here. My trip visit to Victoria was to visit my son who is in the US Navy when his ship the USS Stennis made a call there, in 2004 I think. Had plenty of time to roam around and get pictures.

A four shot panorama manually stitched together...

And a larger panorama of the whole waterfront area from the beach area of the hotel we stayed at on the point entering the harbor, covers about a 270 degree view of it all. Manually stitched from what I remember being 8 images..
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Nice shots, good job on the panos!

Victoria is a great place for photography, such a wealth of subjects...


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some more

Wow what great panoramas, Tony.
The one of the parliament buildings is perfectly exposed and stitched, very nice. Since I live in Victoria, I thought I would throw in some of mine.
- Dave
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Nice photos. I am planning a trip there with my family in the next few months. Now that I have a camera, I am going to take the family out now lots of vacations. It looks beautiful there. Thanks for posting.
WOWSERS. Awesome, Tony.

I love the night-lighting in number 1. The reflected light creating the vertical striations on the water in multiple light tones is really captivating.

Both of the panos are killer, as well.

Do you tend to take panos more often using a vertical or horizontal frame? Depend on the lens? I fret over this sometimes in the field, although, I'm yet to put together a decent pano. I hope to, soon, though.

Great stuff, Tony :)

Tony S

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I don't really gravitate towards one or the other. It depends on the subject and the lens I'm using at the time.

That shot of the Empress was an interesting work. When I first took it some of those really bright lights really blew out the whole scene. Since the expsure was several seconds long, I used a piece of paper during the exposure to partially cover where I thought the lights would be for part of the exposure, moving the paper through the area enough to keep the lights from hitting the sensor for the full exposure, because during the exposure the viewfinder goes dark, so it's a guessng game. In this case live view might have been a good choice to use so I could see what I was blocking at the time. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to