Time-lapse feature using D4

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I have been doing some limited video work for a client which has made me look more into the time-lapse feature on the D4 camera. I think some of this may carry over to the D800?

There is a setting in the camera menu (under time-lapse photography) that allows a person to capture a series of images in sequence and at a set rate of time like 3 or 5 seconds between captures. You then setup your tripod, choose a few settings and let it go. It will then output the images to a video format like 720, 1080 or whatever you like. Its easy, automatic and quick but you cant edit the images like if you used Photoshop or Lightroom. Even so, its an interesting feature that I'll have to play with more. Check out a sample I threw together to test the feature for the first time (and cleaned my car at the same time).


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