Welcome!! Sorry I meant travel! Not “Tried”

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Which photo scenario did you enjoy most!

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New Member
My name is Zachery, I was borned and raised in Washington, but I have tried to a lot of different places and countries! But I have never stopped falling in love with the scenery around me so I thought I would share with you all what I see through my eyes!

If you would like to or is interested in using any of my pictures for their own using such as a thumb nail etc... Is completely okay with me as long as you follow these simple things below.

1. The picture contains my water mark “Zachery Cain” if it does not that photo has been altered. And will not be tolerated.
2. I am asking but not required and is greatly appreciated that you give me some form of picture credit I am trying very hard to make it as a photographer and any support helps!

Last but not least I hope you all enjoy this content I’ve worked very hard and spent a very long time on all of these photos! Thank you all for taking the time to enjoy my vision, I know it will show you what I see ❤️


Bill Anderson

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Welcome to the forum. I like all of your photos, but I voted winter because I seldom get a chance to do any photography in the snow.

Many members post their photos on the gallery side of the website. I prefer posting mine on the forum side. I like to write and the forum side allows me to compose narratives about each photo session which hopefully generate a follow-up discussion. My on-going threads could be considered blogs.

Our most active posters on the forum side of this website are primarily nature photographers with the occasional scenic shots. I would enjoy someone who does primarily scenic photography posting up on the forum side and sharing information such as locations, equipment, techniques, etc.

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